Corrieri Cilia


Corrieri Cilia is an independent professional organisation based in Malta specializing in international taxation and international business. The firm was set up by specialist lawyers with the principal aim to provide high quality legal and professional advice and assistance with particular emphasis on cross-border business transactions and international direct and indirect tax matters. Our aim is to assist clients in planning their business and personal affairs legally and efficiently from both a taxation and commercial perspective with a keen eye on the latest developments in the international tax and business scenario.

Corrieri Cilia prides itself of being a boutique firm with a specific focus. This having been said our specialist legal competences rival that of larger firms. Our team may be small but it is highly focused on delivering the highest possible quality product in the specific areas affecting our practice with a business mind and client oriented approach. The Firm draws on the knowledge and experience of a dedicated team of specialist international tax, corporate and financial lawyers, accountants and other professionals previously forming part of ‘big four’ accounting firms, major international trust companies as well as business law firms in Malta.

Whereas the Firm provides specialist legal and tax advice solely in connection with the Maltese jurisdiction, we are able to provide a broad range of professional assistance to our clients having business interests in Malta and world-wide in collaboration our network of international partners. We also provide corporate, management and tax compliance services.

Our client base includes international business organisations and investors, aviation, shipping and yachting operators, internet and online gaming entrepreneurs, investment funds, high-net-worth individuals as well as non-specialist international and local legal, fiduciary, accounting and professional services firms.

Working Since 2009


At Corrieri Cilia Legal we specialise in Structured Thinking*

This is not just an elegant play of words or a fancy slogan for us, but a highly deliberate mission statement. When we decided to join forces and set up this firm in 2009, our primary intention was to provide highly specialised international tax and business structuring services, albeit in the context of a personalised boutique experience.

Our business is all about people, their stories, their visions and their ambitions! Just as our clients engage their architects to structure their real estate dreams in concrete and steel, they engage us to structure their business visions and ambitions through legal and tax structures that hold water on a rainy day. All this requires thinking. Not any kind of thinking for that matter but rather thinking that has been structured through the discipline of academic training of the highest level and tempered through years of experience.  We are proud to have laid the foundations to our vision and to have gained the trust and appreciation of our clients in the process.

In the past years we have seen Malta evolve into a financial centre of choice for businesses, families and organisations seeking a stable platform in an increasingly volatile and globalised world. We are proud to have contributed to this success.

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