Corporate Administrator

Nayara Matos

In 2014, after earning her Bachelor degree in Languages, Literature and Culture from the University of Lisbon, in Portugal, Nayara moved to the UK, where she entered the Banking industry working as a Mortgage Administrator, and later as a Corporate Administrator in the health insurance industry. Nayara moved to Malta in 2018, where she continued to work in Corporate Services and started to explore her passion for Company Law.

Nayara joined Corrieri Cilia in January 2019 as a Corporate Administrator and was promoted to the position of Senior Corporate Administrator in 2021. She currently manages a portfolio of over 40 companies/clients, including partnerships.

Her duties include incorporating companies, opening bank accounts, registering for Tax and VAT, applying for DDT10, preparing company registers and corporate structures, drafting documents in relation to share transfers, directorship changes and any other statutory changes, making payments, keeping banking folders updated, preparing annual returns, dealing with liquidations and being the main point of contact for her portfolio of clients.

T: +356 2017 3202
E: [email protected]