Blockchain Venture Capital Firm Krypton Capital is Moving its Headquarters to Malta

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Krypton Capital, a venture capital firm with a heavy focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, has announced that they will be moving their headquarters from Kiev, Ukraine, to the Mediterranean island of Malta to benefit from the country’s favourable regulations.

“Malta is regarded as an ideal destination for blockchain and crypto-related companies due to its beneficial regulatory environment that supports innovation and blockchain technology development. The country has set the goal to become a blockchain capital and a global cryptocurrency industry standard-setter, which makes it a perfect place for Krypton Capital’s headquarters.”

Founder and CEO of Krypton Capital, Ilan Tzorya

Founded in 2007, the company has an investment portfolio across a variety of industries, including the blockchain space, having invested in several upcoming crypto ventures.

The company’s decision to maintain a smaller presence in Ukraine and shift its headquarters to Malta comes as it seeks further expansion opportunities and access to new markets. Malta recently passed three bills in a ground-breaking move to regulate the blockchain industry and turn the island into a blockchain hub.


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