The measures will include withholding taxes on, or non-deductibility of, outbound payments. Dividends are already non-deductible, so the appropriate measure will be a withholding tax. The tax will also apply to royalties and dividends, with associated changes to the underlying charge to Irish tax on recipients in jurisdictions listed by the EU as non-cooperative, low-tax […]

The Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) clarified the concept of a fixed establishment (FE) for VAT purposes in its recent decision in the case C-232/22 (Cabot Plastics Belgium SA). The CJEU held that a toll manufacturer in Belgium acting under an exclusive contract did not constitute an FE for its affiliated Swiss principal. […]

The Residency Malta Agency together with Malta Enterprise has recently launched The Malta Start-up Residence Programme, which grants its beneficiaries a three-year residence permit renewable for a further 5 years, as well as eligibility for long-term residency in Malta. The programme is designed to boost Malta’s competitiveness and attract innovative start-ups and qualified entrepreneurs to […]

Malta has published Legal Notice No. 198 of 2021, which contains the Relief of Double Taxation between Malta and Switzerland. The Legal Notice provides for the ratification of the amending protocol to the 2011 income tax treaty with Switzerland, which was signed on 16 July 2020. The protocol is the first to amend the treaty […]

As empowered by Article 98(2) of the Income Tax Act, the Commissioner For Revenue has, on 31 August 2020, published a set of guidelines (the Guidelines) concerning the scope, interpretation and application of the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directives (ATAD) Implementation Regulations (S.L.123.187.) with particular reference to the Interest Deduction Limitation rules, Exit Taxation, Controlled Foreign Company […]

More than half of the EU's member states have failed to fully implement the bloc's 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive onto their respective statute books, the European Commission (EC) confirmed today. The EC, the EU's executive arm, said 17 countries had missed the official deadline of 10 January 2020. The EC has sent letters of formal [...]

Malta Covid-19 Update

As a consequence of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Office of the Commissioner of Revenue has approved several extensions to the statutory reporting deadlines.   Tax Deferral Scheme Extension The scheme allowing deferral of taxes due in March and April 2020, is now extended up to and including June 2020. In order [...]

Malta Covid-19 Measures Update

  Deferral of payment of certain duties and taxes Duty Following to the proposal of the Customs Department to defer certain excise duty payments, Legal Notice 146 of 2020 (Deferment of Excise Duty payable during the Months of April and May 2020 Regulations, 2020) was published. The notice prescribes, that: Duty on all excise goods [...]
Malta, a European country located in the heart of the Mediterranean, enjoys 300 days a year of sunny weather, crystal clear sea waters and warm climate throughout the year. English is one of its two official languages, it enjoys excellent healthcare and has a low crime rate, making Malta one of the most attractive destinations [...]
On 20 March 2020 numerous measures announced in the Budget Speech were enacted by means of Budget Measures Implementation Act. Here is a short summary of the legislative updates: Income Tax   Income tax on overtime From 1st January 2020, taxpayers may opt to have his/her qualifying overtime income subject to tax of 15%. The [...]