Changes in the Malta Residence and Visa Programme

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The Malta Residence and Visa Programme is aimed for third country citizens, who are not nationals of the EU, EEA or Switzerland. A beneficiary of the Malta Residence and Visa Programme and their respective dependants shall be will be able to reside in Malta.

The Maltese Government has published amendments to the Malta Residence and Visa Programme through a Legal Notice issued on the 4th of July aimed at attracting prospective investors to Malta, and be in an improved standing to compete with further international residence by investment programmes.

The main amendments which came into force are the following:

  • Application fees: The contribution fee of thirty thousand euro (€30,000) covers the main applicant, spouse, and the children of the main applicant or the spouse at the application stage. An introduction of a supplementary five thousand euro contribution fee (€5,000) is also included; this is non-refundable and covers parents or grandparents of the main applicant or of the spouse at application stage.
  • Dependents: In terms of the previous legislation, the main applicant’s adult dependents or any dependents would only benefit from the Malta Residence and Visa Programme if they are not married and are economically dependent on the main applicant, until they reach the age of 27. With the introduction of the Legal Notice 189 of 2017, the age restriction is abolished and now it allows the main applicant to include in the application, adult children, provided that the child is economically dependent on the main applicant, at the time of the application. This therefore means that children over 27 years of age at the time of application can be included and will not lose residency rights once they reach the age of 27.Should an adult dependant decides to get married or enter into a similar relationship, the main applicant may be able to add the spouses/partners together with his/her biological or adopted children, for an additional non-refundable contribution fee of five thousand euro (€5,000) per person and subject to successful due diligence checks.
  • Residency Requirements and Long-Term Residency: The requirement relating to the main applicant and any dependant to spend outside of Malta, a period that exceed six consecutive months or an cumulative period of ten months at any four year period from the appointed day, is now removed. Furthermore, the main applicant and any dependents are authorized to apply for long-term residence status in terms of the Status of Long-term Residents Regulations.

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