“We are part of the Revolution”

Since the industrial revolutions, leaps in technological innovation have radically changed the way the world works. 2018 has seen the culmination of what many limitedly refer to as the Blockchain Revolution. Indeed the reality is much greater. We have seen the rise, and fall… and rise of crypto currencies; a blockchain tour de force that is proving its unparalleled use across public and private sectors; and the laying of the groundwork for the rise of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

These recent ground-breaking innovations bring with them the need for an equally innovative legal framework that must bring with it the ability to foster growth and innovation, whilst affording protection to public and private stakeholders. Corrieri Cilia is pleased to see that Malta has been at the forefront of introducing legislation that is aimed at fostering technological innovation whilst at the same time providing legal certainty in a sector that is complex, ever-changing, and open to abuse if left un-checked.

At the core of our principles is the understanding that the world’s legal systems must evolve alongside technological innovation. To this extent, Corrieri Cilia provides assistance in the fields of ICOs, ITOs, Blockchain businesses, offering advice on structuring, mandatory regulation, voluntary recognition, and related tax, legal & business advisory.

Services we provide:

  • Detailed per-token legal assessment
  • Whitepaper analysis
  • Advice on operating a VFA Exchange
  • Analysis and advice on regulation requirements
  • Licensing implications
  • Advice on Data Protection implications including GDPR analysis
  • Due Diligence/KYC requirement analysis and recommendations
  • Website review
  • Review and drafting of Token acquisition agreement
  • Review and drafting of Privacy Policy
  • Review and drafting of Terms of Use
  • Review and recommendations on International Tax implications
  • Review and recommendations on VAT implications

Our Blockchain Team

Looking beyond the recent frenzy that has taken over the FinTech industry, Corrieri Cilia has tasked its Blockchain Team with acquiring and spreading knowledge and expertise in the field of innovative technologies.

Every member of our Team is constantly up to date with the latest in technology developments, the already existing legal implications that need to be considered, and the response of authorities and regulators to these developments. In all fields ranging from the very basics of Blockchain and DLT technology to the future of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the Internet of Things – we are there.

Our mission is to provide certainty, guidance, and support to the pioneers of technological innovation.

Areas we are currently involved in:

  • Innovative Technological Arrangements and Services;
  • ICOs, TDEs, and Initial Virtual Financial Asset Offerings;
  • Virtual Financial Asset Services.


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