“Giving Form to Structured Ideas”

Our tax and business advisers may well be on top of their game but once the ink has dried on their notepads, their ideas must be transposed and executed into the correct and most efficient legal form. Our dedicated team of lawyers and legal advisers is trained and equipped to advise and assists our clients as well as other team members on various matters related to our local and international practice such as the choice of the correct legal entity and/or jurisdiction to implement a desired structure or transaction. Other areas of practice are the negotiation of deals and the drafting of contracts, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganisations and financing/re-financing transactions as well as employment, real-estate and intellectual property law matters.

Regulated business is a core strength of our legal and transactions team at Corrieri Cilia. Our strength derives from solid academic competences in various regulated fields of law as well as experience combined with a practical approach. Our legal team regularly advises and assists our clients on financial regulated business such as banking, collective investments schemes and investment services providers. Other areas of regulated business where we are competent are gaming and betting. We regularly advise and assist on the structuring of internet gaming organisation and the registration of yachts and aircraft. We also maintain strong and ongoing working relationships with various regulators in Malta such as the Malta Financial Services Authority, Transport Malta, The Malta Gaming Authority and Identity Malta and abroad.



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