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Yesterday, the Maltese Parliament approved the three Bills that will set up the Malta Digital Innovation Authority, the Innovative Technological Arrangement and Services Act, and the Virtual Financial Asset Act. The Digital Economy Secretariat described the three laws, which will establish the regulatory framework for distributed ledger technologies, as the first of their kind in the world. […]

In a press release issued on their website, BitBay, one of Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, announced the suspension of all company activity in Poland, and its decision to move its operations to “cryptocurrency friendly” Malta instead. In their announcement, BitBay explained that their decision to relocate stemmed from Polish banks’ unwillingness to work with the […]

An innovative, new cryptocurrency exchange, Bitmora, announced its intention to expand its offices to Malta on Monday, delaying its launch that was originally planned to take place in the United States. The California-based company promotes itself as an exchange built by real traders that intends to modernise the way that crypto exchanges operate. Originally set […]

The government of the Bahamas said it has “no intention” of making its beneficial ownership registries public, in bold defiance of Britain’s move to introduce new legislation that requires its 14 overseas territories to implement a fully transparent system of company ownership by 2020. The deputy Prime Minister of the Bahamas, KP Turnquest, made the […]

Morgan Stanley research has found that the majority of cryptocurrency trading volume flows through the nation of Malta. The study showed that while the United Kingdom has the largest number of legally registered cryptocurrency exchanges, it accounts for a mere 1% of trading volumes. Exchanges are the platforms on which cryptocurrencies trade, and the largest […]

Written by Lily Katz for Bloomberg News Digital-coin exchanges have found a new haven in an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Most cryptocurrency trading now happens on marketplaces based in Malta, the European island nation that’s seeking to boost its fortunes by becoming one of the world’s friendliest jurisdictions for a sector that’s caused concern among other […]

The Poseidon Foundation announced yesterday that it has officially domiciled in Malta, joining the growing number of blockchain organisations settling in the country. Poseidon is a non-profit that uses blockchain technology to empower governments, companies and individuals to address their carbon footprint through every day purchases. Poseidon’s move to Malta follows relocation announcements from the world’s largest […]

Yesterday, The Maltese Cabinet approved three bills which were also presented to Parliament for its first reading: the Malta Digital Innovation Authority Bill, the Technology Arrangements and Services Bill and the Virtual Financial Assets Bill. The proposed bills seek to provide regulation and legal certainty for users of cryptocurrencies and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), such […]

Following in the footsteps of some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Berlin-based blockchain company, Neufund, announced that it will be opening offices in Malta and establishing a strong presence in the country, joining in Malta’s efforts to further its blockchain ecosystem.  According to a statement made by the company, they will be bringing European […]

By Viren Vaghela and Andrea Tan for Bloomberg News — With assistance by Grant Clark Two of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges plan to make the tiny European nation of Malta a central hub of their operations, and analysts say others are sure to follow. Officials on the Mediterranean archipelago, the European Union’s tiniest member, are […]