World’s First Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Exchange Inaugurated in Malta

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The world’s first blockchain and cryptocurrency stock exchange was inaugurated in Malta yesterday, with the creation of a new subsidiary by the Malta Stock Exchange which will become its Fintech and Digital Asset arm.

The subsidiary, MSX, will be able to operate in the private and technology sectors with joint ventures in the blockchain industry.

MSE also signed two Memoranda of Understanding with Neufund and OKEX, leaders within the FinTech and blockchain sector, who will provide assistance to MSX.

Finance Minister Edward Scicluna, described the day as a ‘historic moment,” and commented that Malta is becoming a global leader in the blockchain sector.

The creation of a blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange follows the MSE signing a deal with OKEx to develop a new security tokens trading platform. The joint project seeks to attract institutional investors to invest in digital currencies.

Under the deal, OKEx and MSX will establish a joint company with operations being slated to commence in January 2019. The joint initiative will capitalize on and combine OKEx’s crypto expertise and MSX’s knowledge in regulatory compliance.


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